Hailsafe Hail Cloth Fact Sheet

Due to its unpredictable nature, hail is one of the greatest threats to growers. A heavy hailstorm can wipe out the efforts of months and months of hard work in a matter of minutes, almost always completely destroying thecrop with the consequent loss of income for the grower.

As hailstorms have increased in frequency, intensity and unpredictability, Scarecrow Hailsafe netting is aproactive hail protection system being both safe and economical in the long run.

How do the Hailsafe fabrics work?

Scarecrow Hailsafe fabric is made from strong, UV stabilized, high density polyethylene cylindrical white monofilament yarn. These fabrics are warp knitted and have excellent strength/weight ratio and provenresistance to chemicals and moisture and also provide very light shading protection.

Scarecrow Hailsafe Leno net is a premium woven net designed for hail management.

Scarecrow Quad Crossover net is suitable for permanent structures over pip fruit, vineyards, kiwi fruit, and apple and cherry orchards. Its wide widths and stretch make it more suited to permanent structures than narrower width nets as it requires less support structure and hardware while providing an advanced degree of protection from hail storms, birds, and also creating an enhanced micro-climate.

Scarecrow Hailsafe nets are generally applied as an overhead canopy for protection against hailstorms. Pitched-roof and multi-span structures are ideal for hail protection. Hailsafe nets result in saving money on inputs (water, chemicals, labour) and also increases plant productivity. They virtually eliminate the risk of hail, wind and insect damage to valuable crops while also providing a degree of frost protection.

Crops that mainly use Hailsafe nets for cover are passionfruit, tomatoes, green peppers, kiwi fruit, table grapes and strawberries but special structures can be designed to suit any type of crop.

Benefits of Scarecrow Hailsafe:

~ White nets marginally reduce light levels (PAR).
~ Reduction in sprayer drift with Hail Nets over orchards.
~ Temperature control - improves productivity by moderating extremes of temperatures.
~ Prevents sun burn and provides frost protection.
~ The special knitted construction "breathes" allowing hot air to escape.
~ Triple reinforcement for extra resistance.


Scarecrow offers a range of accessories for use with our products. They are specially protected to prevent degradation from exposure to harmful UV rays.

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